Janet H.Baldus, CHt, RN (Ret) Hypnotherapist

janet-hypnotherapist.jpgJanet Baldus is an expert hypnotherapist who has been in general practice in Austin TX since 2007. Before moving to Austin to join her children/ grandchildren, she had clients for many years in the Phoenix AZ area.

Ms. Baldus is also a recently retired RN with extensive experience assisting people of all ages. She encourages clients to discuss their concerns with her prior to an appointment. Together, they choose a topic for the client's onsite hypnotherapy session.

Client topics can be about anything the client wants to change. Some of her past clients' topics range from improving sports performance, to removing a (non-addictive) unwanted habit, to smoking cessation, to improving study techniques, to weight loss, to "past-life regression", to mobility improvement and in one case, to control the fear of commercial flying.

To learn therapeutic hypnosis, MS.Baldus completed 100 (combined) hours of classroom and supervised clinical experience in hypnotherapy techniques and practice at the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts (SWIHA).This accredited (private) college is located in Tempe AZ . After completing their program in 1998, she gained registration (#H 10643),plus certification (CHt) from the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Henderson NV.

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